(Can I drink wine now please?)

I can’t tell you how chuffin relieved I am to get this new website live, and launch the new Flipside Packages!

I’ve been thinking about these changes for months now, and have amassed an impressive number of ideas scribbled on post it notes, napkins and even loo roll (unused, obvs!)

So what does the new site offer you? I’ll tell you moomin, read on!

Oodles of glorious images

It’s even easier now to see what the fantabulous design cave creations are like.

Simply visit the Gallery to see the different bouquet styles, buttonholes, wands, handfasting cords and much more.

The pics are divided into categories, so you can easily find the bits you’re interested in…..or feast your eyes on everything whilst you demolish a large slice of cake. I won’t judge.

Straight forward info on going bespoke

Did you assume that bespoke services are expensive? They really don’t have to be. Check out the Flipside information pages for bespoke Felt and Paper bouquets for more information.

You can also fill in a sexy new online quote form for either type of bouquet, and I’ll get back to you lickety split!

JUST clickey clickey below


Funky Flipster Bridal Packages

Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing (not when it comes to chocolate, obvs!) Flipside Bridal Packages have been designed to take away the urge to over think things, and provide a pre-designed, yet gloriously funky alternative to boring fresh flowers. All you need to do is pick the colourway you like, and which package you need. Easy peasy no? Each piece will be hand made for you, with as much love and attention as my bespoke pieces.

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