Large Spring Hand Tied Botanical Bouquet

How to start describing this large Hand Tied Botanical Bouquet?? Glorious? Massive? Unique?

If you want an alternative to fresh flowers, but want to keep the feel of something wild and wonderful? Then Flipsides Botanical felt creations are for you! Blooms can be made in any colour or size. The example below include is a traditional hand tied shape. A flat back design is also available (for when you need to put it down to drink your pint) – both look gorgeous.

The Flipside flower range can be made in over 60 colours, and varieties include:

– protea, lisianthus, dahlias, anemones, peony, cabbage roses, calla lillies, ranunculus, mixed foliage…

…and some weird flowers I made up that looked super cute!

 Matching flower belts, crowns and buttonholes are available.

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