Game of Thrones Themed Felt & Charm Bouquet

Winter is Coming! But hopefully, not another Red Wedding. Make a bold, unique statement with a bespoke bouquet like this Game of Thrones themed felt and charm creation. I’m utterly obsessed with the books and show. Bearded men in leather with swords?? Count me in.

This is a medium bouquet, with 21 hand created flowers. I wanted the fabrics to reflect elements of the show, so I opted for a charcoal dragon scale faux leather, and felt in Khaleesi blue. Using that as a base, I had great fun hand beading and stitching. There is a different charm in the centre of each bloom; I think they have a Tudor Rose feel about them. Look closely and you’re see dragons, wolves, swords and even a teeny tiny Throne of Swords.

The handle was a dilemma for me. I tried several different ribbons, but they just didn’t feel or look right. So I turned once more to the show, and covered the handle in individually cut dragon scales. It took aaaaages, but I chuffin love the effect!

This exact piece isn’t for sale, as I love her too much to part with her. But if you would like a similar look and feel, I will very happily create one for you. Let’s have a natter!

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