Meet the Maker!

Kerri is the chief mischief maker behind Flipside Bride. She is the creator-maker of quirky wedding bouquets and accessories, for alternative and vintage brides.

Tell us a bit about you and how you work with couples to help them create their dream day!

I’m an interactive pixie. I love capturing whisps of design ideas from chats with couples, and turning them into utterly unique creations. It’s a highly collaborative process, and they’re involved every glitter covered step of the way.

What’s it like to be a Flipside Bride?

A Flipside Bride is a kindred spirit. From the moment they enquire, they receive a very personal, bespoke design experience.  Each quote I create is utterly unique to them, thoughtful and honest. When they place an order I provide a welcome pack, with the information they need to feel reassured and excited. Flipside Brides receive regular updates on the progress of their creations, allowing us to shape their pieces as we go. I see myself as the Brides fairy goth mother – here to make her dreams come true.

What do you love about working in the wedding industry?

I bloody love my job! Although it doesn’t feel like a job to me – it’s too joyful to be called that.

I tell people I work over the wedding rainbow – my couples are quirky, colourful and individual. Every piece I work on is personal to them, and therefore no two creations are the same. It’s never boring.

I get stupidly excited by each wedding I work on. Every single thing I create is a challenge, setting off sparks of creative wonder in my little brain. I get utterly lost in people’s stories and ideas, especially if I’m asked to include vows, or family keepsakes. I quite often have a little cry over some of them!

Accessories, shoeclips, badges, wands and more

Accessories, shoeclips, badges, wands and more

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ideas pop into my head from all over the place – movies, music, children’s book, comics and TV. The inside of my mind is like a modern day fairytale.

With cake.

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