A Flipside review of CompareMyWedding.com

You may have noticed that I’m a little bit of a sarcastic bunny at times. “No, surely not Kerri!!” Hard to believe I know. So when I was approached my CompareMyWedding.com, I was my usual self. “Please god, there’s isn’t a moronic knobhead opera singer is there?!?”

I’m very relieved to say no – not a warbling idiot in sight. Thank chuff.


So what’s the point?

It’s a good one – to save you time and effort. But, more importantly, to focus your planning efforts and help prevent you developing going bat shit crazy trying to google for suppliers. 

 “CompareMyWedding.com is the UK’s most celebrated wedding comparison site, with brides- and grooms-to-be across the UK using our site to help plan their big day.”

** Before I go on, I must tell you that Flipside Bride has an ickle ad on CompareMyWedding.com. I haven’t received any pennies for writing this blog (which is highly disappointing….they could have least sent chocolate, right??) I chose to become a featured supplier on the site as I genuinely think it offers a great service. I’m not blowing smoke up your hoo-ha. If it was a crap site, I wouldn’t be on it!

So how do you use it?

There are a few different search options. I prefer the quick comparion search as it’s ridiculously simple – click the photo that represents what you’re looking for, and choose where your wedding is. Personally I would default your searches to ‘All of UK’, don’t limit yourself to your own county. You may miss out on bargains.

oooo lookey lookey – there’s Flipside Bride!

If you fall in love with a supplier (no pressure!) you can save their details to look at later. You’re saved suppliers will appear in Wedding Ideas in the tools section (see below.) Handy eh? Another great feature is you can message you chosen suppliers with just one message, rather than sending the same message over and over.

Useful planning features

As well as lots of lovely wedding suppliers to view, you also get access to some handy ickle planning features. The to do list is great for OCD moomins like me, who love ticking things off once they’re done. And there’s a handy link to Pintrest too.


The budget calculator is a good way of keeping a handle on how much things cost, and can deliver a quick reality slap if needed. Perhaps keep the other half away from that bit……

So there you have it. A shameless plug for me, and a wee bit of info about CompareMyWedding.com. It’s super easy to use, so get yourself signed up today!

Much love,



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