Want a bouquet that will last? Be different? Be you?

Then felt a Flipside felt and charm bouquet is the way to go! I know you’re not supposed to have favourite children, but I’m afraid I do. Of the different types of bouquet I create – paper, button, botanical and felt and charm, I do have a fave……which of course are the most difficult to make! I do love a challenge.

The process of creating a felt and charm bouquet is highly personal, emotive and fun. By the way, I’m fed up of typing felt and charm bouquet. Can I say FaC?

FaCs can be cute, comical, whimsical, classic, dramatic – anything you want them to be.

As they’re handcrafted, each one is different. They’ll last a lifetime and can become family heirlooms. Today I’m going to take you on a journey through my thought process (be afraid), and share the creative journey of one of my latest bouquets. This is the story of you – the route you’ll take on way to holding the bouquet of your dreams.

1. In the beginning…….

….there’s an idea. A cheeky little thought. You may be sitting on the sofa watching your fave program, reading a book or doing a hobby, thinking how fun it would be to have a bouquet that reflects that. If you’re not the sort of person who wants traditional flowers, and wants to inject your personality into your big day – FaCs are your weapon of choice!

So you have an idea in mind; Little Mermaid, Mods, rainbow, Alice in Wonderland, Captain America, Campervans…..the list goes on.

How do you turn that into a bouquet? Easy my love – you ask a funky Flipster!

I’m here to realise your dreams, and make them even more awesome than you can possibly imagine. Once that desire has manifested in your gorgeous brain, get in touch via the Enquiry page.The example you’ll see below was born out of my love of Game of Thrones. I know, typical me – leather clad men with big weapons. 

 2. Size matters

I offer 3 guideline sizes; small, medium and large, which are illustrated below. However, as this is a bespoke process, you can have whatever size your ickle heart desires!

Small Bouquet

  • Small – approx 13 stems (a stem is a single flower. Think about a bouquet of 12 roses – that’s 12 stems)

Medium Bouquet


  • Medium – approx 21 stems

Large Bouquet

  • Large – approx 29 ‘stems’

 3. Colours and charm selection

My god I love this stage!! I mean seriously love it. I get to go shopping on your behalf! Yay, thank you! I have over 60 shades of felt for you to choose from, but don’t panic – I have ninja skills when it comes to whittling down options. You give me a rough idea, and we’ll take it from there.

These are the colours I selected for my GoT bouquet – a lovely crisp Khaleesi blue, white for North of the Wall, and dragon scale leather (!)

If you have a theme in mind, I’ll source charms that compliment it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a theme, you don’t NEED to. It just helps get a clearer idea of what you truly want.

If you contact me saying ‘Kerri, I haven’t a clue what I want’, you’ll make my day!We’ll have a free consultation session to pull out your likes and dislikes. The end result may well surprise you.

4. Flower shapes, emboridery and beadwork

Each flower is hand made, and the different shape possibilities means no two bouquets are ever alike. I’ll work with you to decide which shapes will best suit your theme or colours. For the GoT bouquet, I opted to use the same deisgn for each flower, which I wanted to look like a sigil (coat of arms.) My inspiration came from the House Tyrell sigil, which I think looks a wee bit like a Tudor rose.

Then we can look at one of my favourite stages – embroidery and beads. If you want them of course! It’s totally up to you. You can be as involved as you like in the selection of threads and sparklies, or you can leave it up to my wonderfully weird imagination!

5. Finishing Touches

My Game of Thrones creation was finished off with a dragon scale handle


You can also add streamers and as much bling as you’d like.


6. Delivery

All Brides bouquets come packaged in a their own box, with pretty pink ribbon.

So there you have it – several weeks work, condensed into 1 blog. Phew, I need a lie down!

To view more examples of Felt and Charm Bouquets, please visit the Gallery.

To find out more, please visit the FAQs page, or get in contact via the Enquiry page. I love talking about my work, and look forward to chatting with you soon.

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