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How to make the most of your wedding gift list.

Are you a traditionalist, or realist? People have strong feelings when it comes to wedding gift lists. Back when your Nanna was getting spliced, gift lists helped set the newly weds up in their new home together. The result? 4 toasters, ugly crockery, unidentifiable...

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Clovelly Weddings – Wild, Quirky, Wonderful, Unique

I have a confession - I love Devon! Yes, I know it doesn't sound very Flipside - beaches, clotted cream and sand in your knickers. But it's the only place I can truly unwind and recharge my pixie dust. Devon as a county offers so many different options for couples...

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Flipside has a new home, and new bridal packages!!

I'VE GOT A SHINY NEW HOME!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!! (Can I drink wine now please?) I can't tell you how chuffin relieved I am to get this new website live, and launch the new Flipside Packages! I've been thinking about these changes for months now, and have amassed an...

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7 ways to avoid wedding scams

7 ways to avoid wedding scams  April 19, 2017 Ok, I’m starting this blog with a some swear words. Apologies if this offends! "What the hell gives low life scum the fucking right to take someone else’s hard-earned money, and ruin their wedding day?? UTTER...

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Focus On: Felt and Charm bouquets

Want a bouquet that will last? Be different? Be you? Then felt a Flipside felt and charm bouquet is the way to go! I know you're not supposed to have favourite children, but I'm afraid I do. Of the different types of bouquet I create - paper, button, botanical and...

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Focus On: Paper Bouquets – I bloomin love em!

 Considering a paper bouquet? Not sure what the design process is? Then I'll share it with you my lovely! Just like my brides, each paper bouquet is colourful, unique and won't wilt under pressure!   Flipside bouquets will still be looking glorious...

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Meet the Maker!

Meet the Maker! Kerri is the chief mischief maker behind Flipside Bride. She is the creator-maker of quirky wedding bouquets and accessories, for alternative and vintage brides....

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