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Psssst! You! Yes, YOU! Do you wanna come play??

I hope so, coz I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with brides and grooms to create truly unique wedding shizzle. Every week in the design cave is totally different. One day it’s Dr Who bouquets, the next it’s functioning Light Sabre buttonholes, followed by rainbow paper centre pieces, finishing up with Darth Baby flower girl wands! (Yes, that’s a thing. Click here and I’ll prove it!)

People assume that bespoke means expensive. Well if you’re buying a Ferrarri, perhaps. But when it comes to being a Funky Flipster, going bespoke is great value for money, and a bucket load of fun. As an example, bespoke buttonholes start from as little as £8!

Fresh flowers are stunning, but cost a fair few pennies. It makes me sad to think they’ll just end up on the compost heap. With Flipside creations, you can keep them forever. They wont wilt, die or give your Great Auntie hayfever sneezes!

To find out more about the bespoke process, click the images below.

p.s. I’ll bring the booze, you bring the chocolate – lets get this party started!


Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing (not when it comes to chocolate, obvs!) If you want to take some of the decision pressure off your sexy shoulders, Flipside Bridal Packages are for you! They have been designed to take away the urge to over think things, and provide a pre-designed, yet gloriously funky alternative to boring fresh flowers.
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